water features

At Heath Outdoor, we turn your outdoor space into a watery wonderland with our captivating water feature services. Whether you dream of tranquil ponds, bubbling fountains, majestic waterfalls, or meandering streams, we design, build, and maintain them all with flair and finesse. Picture yourself relaxing by a serene pond, complete with colorful koi fish gliding beneath lily pads, or imagine the soothing sound of bubblers adding whimsy to your garden oasis. For those craving a touch of drama, our cascading waterfalls will transport you to a tropical paradise, while our gentle streams bring the beauty of nature right to your doorstep. Want to make a splash? Our water features can even be designed for swimming or cooling off on hot summer days. Whether you’re a plant enthusiast, fish lover, or just seeking a bit of aquatic magic, Heath Outdoor has the expertise to make your water feature dreams a reality. Let us transform your backyard into an aquatic escape where relaxation and adventure flow freely.


we offer ponds

Dive into the ultimate backyard adventure with a residential pond designed and installed by Heath Outdoor! Whether you dream of a serene koi pond, a playful recreation pond, or a tranquil natural pond nestled among lush vegetation, we’ve got you covered. Our expert team brings your aquatic dreams to life, creating a stunning focal point that transforms your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation and recreation. Imagine lounging by the water’s edge, watching colorful fish dart beneath the surface or splashing around in your very own swimming pond on hot summer days. With endless possibilities for customization, including waterfalls, fountains, and aquatic plants, a residential pond from Heath Outdoor adds excitement, beauty, and endless entertainment to your backyard paradise. Let us turn your backyard into a watery wonderland where everyday life feels like a vacation!


We offer a wide variety of bubblers

A residential bubbler designed and installed by Heath Outdoor offers homeowners a charming and captivating addition to their outdoor landscape. These bubbling water features provide a delightful focal point, infusing your outdoor space with the soothing sound of gently flowing water. Perfect for small gardens, patios, or intimate outdoor settings, bubblers create a tranquil ambiance, promoting relaxation and tranquility. Additionally, they attract birds and wildlife, adding to the natural beauty and biodiversity of your yard. With Heath Outdoor’s expertise in design and installation, you can enjoy the enchanting beauty and serenity of a bubbling water feature tailored to complement your unique style and enhance your outdoor living experience.


we offer waterfalls

A residential waterfall designed and installed by Heath Outdoor brings the serene beauty of nature right to your doorstep, transforming your outdoor space into a tranquil oasis. The cascading water creates a mesmerizing visual display, enhancing the ambiance and adding a touch of elegance to your landscape. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the soothing sound of the waterfall provides a relaxing backdrop, masking unwanted noise and promoting a sense of calm and serenity. Whether incorporated into a garden setting, poolside retreat, or backyard patio, a waterfall adds a dynamic focal point that enhances the overall atmosphere of your outdoor environment. With Heath Outdoor’s expertise in design and installation, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits and timeless beauty of a custom-designed residential waterfall tailored to suit your preferences and elevate your outdoor living experience.


We offer strems

A residential stream designed and installed by Heath Outdoor brings the tranquil charm of flowing water to your backyard oasis, creating a captivating focal point that enhances the natural beauty of your landscape. Meandering gracefully through your outdoor space, a stream adds visual interest and movement while providing a soothing soundtrack of gentle babbling water. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a residential stream offers a host of benefits, including attracting wildlife, promoting relaxation, and fostering a deeper connection with nature. Whether integrated into a lush garden setting or winding through a peaceful woodland retreat, a stream transforms your outdoor environment into a serene sanctuary where you can escape the stresses of everyday life and reconnect with the beauty of the outdoors. With Heath Outdoor’s expertise in design and installation, you can enjoy the tranquil ambiance and timeless elegance of a custom-designed residential stream tailored to complement your unique lifestyle and preferences.


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